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Every infant is born with a talent, gift, passion & interests that need to be catered for at some point in life. Every child desires to be encouraged, motivated and respected in a special manner for the sake growing the dreams at heart.

Children & Youth Sports Organization (C&YSO) a Non Governmental Organization previously, was an usual childrens vacation sports programs maturity to a pleasant level, we noted that the majority of children and youth who attended to participate were unable to cater for themselves and we passionately thought of raising awareness of sponsoring in order to support those vulnerable children and youth who are vigorously capacitated with talents.

This alone initiatively enhances children and youth to physically involve themselves in physical health activities which capacitates the psychologically of self awareness and have a specific identity in the society.

We welcome each one of you; come one come all and let us unite with enthusiasm in raising the awareness of our childrens gifts, talents and passions in today technological evolving world.


The general mission of the organization is the promotion of sports, health and talents.

To raise awareness of their talents and the vitality of sports among children and youth.

Equip sports coaches with skills to be specialized trainers.

Fight against drug abuse among sports players.

Fight against HIV/AIDS and raise awareness among sports players & trainers.


To professionally promote sports among kids and youth.

Create and maintain the fair-play.

Organize internships and training seminar for leaders, coaches, sports doctors and other professionals necessary for sports development.

Cooperate and develop relationships with Rwanda National Olympic Committee, the Ministry (MINESPOC) having sport within its attributions as well as national and international sports organization.

Fight against doping for sportsmen and in sports areas.

Fighting against HIV/AIDS and others epidemics diseases among sportsmen.


The organization is composed of the founder members, the adherent members, the honorary members.

Founder members and adherent members are effective members.

The founder members are those who have undersigned upon the hereby statuses.

Adherent members are physical or moral persons that, upon request and after subscription to the present statuses, shall agreed by the General Assembly.

The founder members and the adherent members are effective members of the organization. They have the same rights and obligations to the organization except the management of the organization are only founder members.

The honorary members are the individuals or organizations who or which will have been awarded this title for their particular and appreciable deeds to the benefit of the organization.